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Jobsearch blog

The job has now been filled. Welcome Mitch Skinner!

-- Ian Holmes - 02 Jan 2007

The job classification is Programmer Analyst III.

The job is now officially "open"...

-- Ian Holmes - 04 Nov 2006

I'm awaiting classification of the position to get the UC Berkeley salary grade & title, but it will be one of the Programmer Analyst ranges.

Google's support human got back to me (closely followed by an email from Google itself, asking me to rate the human's performance). So I'm now free to post ads. w00t!

You gotta love Google's classification of our "business". Apparently we are "Education, Religion". Is that because I mentioned Perl? (Update: could it be a veiled reference to the High Programmers?)

-- Ian Holmes - 17 Sep 2006

I tried to create a Google Adwords account, but buggy Google won't let me enter my credit card details (though it did promise to have a codemonkey investigate, and to send a supportmonkey to chase after the codemonkey).

You know, given that I'm trying to hire a coder (& am one myself), I've really gotta stop referring to them as "codemonkeys". We're Ultraviolet High Programmers, dammit!

My ad was something like "Web Genomics 2.0. Build an AJAX browser for DNA. Join the project of the century!"

The last sentence is a direct ripoff of David Haussler's "Join the greatest scientific project of all time!" (http://www.hhmi.org/bulletin/pdf/fall2004/GroundLevel.pdf) and actually should probably be an even more exact ripoff... it worked well for him anyways... got Krishna Roskin on board.

And, you know, it's true.

The Googs balked (rather primly I thought) at my capitalization of the word AJAX. I had to write a little note explaining why it should grant me an exception to its NO CAPITALIZATION policy:

Necessary capitalization of the word AJAX, an acronym for Asynchronous Javascript And XML... as you well know.

-- Ian Holmes - 14 Sep 2006