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Evolutionary Software Foundation

The Evolutionary Software Foundation (ESF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting scientific research into and public understanding of the theory of evolution and its implications, through development and maintenance of software (including but not limited to research tools, educational software and evolution-themed computer games), publications, websites, animations, lectures or otherwise.

Software consultancy

  • The ESF offers consultancy services and bespoke development of the JBrowse genome browser (and other software) at reasonable rates. Contact esf@postbox.biowiki.org for details.

Software development

ESF contributes actively to the following open source software projects:

  • DART -- software for molecular evolutionary modeling and ancestral sequence reconstruction
  • biowiki.org -- a collaborative website for public-domain bioinformatics projects
  • JBrowse -- a JavaScript genome browser
  • Zoo Gas -- an experiment in ecological gameplay

Contact us

  • Enquiries: esf@postbox.biowiki.org

Boring but important

Board members

Corporate information

  • Corporation entity number C3091176 (filed 2/19/2008)
  • Charitable trust registration number CT0157315
  • Federal employer identification number (FEIN) 26-3188107