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DART bug reporting

Bug reports for the DART suite of programs are welcomed, as they improve the robustness of the toolkit. There's a biannual prize for the best beta tester.

In order to get your bug report heard, and expedite the reproduction and fixing of the bug, please follow these guidelines when reporting the "feature" you've discovered:

  • Consult the known issues with DART page to see if you are indeed the proud discoverer of a new bug, or have in fact been scooped
  • Provide a concise statement of the problem, including the full command-line usage
  • Include any input and output files as attachments to your bug report email. Try to whittle these down to the minimal reproducible case, if possible
  • Include a verbatim transcript of your session
  • Include sufficient information to reproduce the problem: platform, OS, gcc version (type "gcc -v" to get this), phase of the moon...
  • Mail the bug report to dart-bugs Failed to parse (unknown function "\begin"): \begin{picture}(10,10)\put(5,5){\circle{10}}\put(2,3){$\alpha$}\end{picture} postbox \circ biowiki \circ org</big>

The wise Sean Eddy (may his runtime increase non-polynomially!) has this to say about bug reporting:

Email me. Please give me enough information (concisely) that I can reproduce the problem. A good bug report is:

Hi, I'm running hmmsearch 2.3.2 on an Intel/RedHat Linux 7.1 platform, and when I type hmmsearch my.hmm my.seq (my HMM and sequence are attached to this email), hmmsearch gives the following error: "FATAL: Plan 7 activated. Back slowly away from the computer." What's up?

Only a complete outsider could ask your question. Are there control authorities? There are nothing but control authorities. Of course, their purpose is not to uncover errors in the ordinary meaning of the word, since errors do not occur and even when an error does in fact occur, as in your case, who can say conclusively that it is an error? - Franz Kafka

hmmer website, Sean Eddy.