Singlet Transducer

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A transducer emitting a single output tape, i.e. the trivial single-sequence instance of a string transducer that is equivalent to an HMM with one output and only one emitting state. See Transducer Legend for key to diagram.

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Probabilistic constraints:

  • g + h = 1.

Note the built-in S/I symmetry of this model.

We can write this as \epsilon \stackrel{\infty}{\to} a denoting the replacement of an empty (dummy) input sequence with a possibly nonempty output sequence which occurs if the reversible evolutionary process is allowed to run forever (compare with the symbol for the Gotoh Transducer a\stackrel{\Delta T}{\rightarrow}b which represents a finite time interval \Delta T).

-- Ian Holmes - 25 Feb 2007