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Setting up a user/password on the console server:

  • Go to https://console from within the lab
  • log in as "root" with the cluster root password
  • Click on "Users & Groups" in the "Serial & Network" section of the left-side navigation menu
  • Click on the "Add User" button
  • Fill in username & password fields
  • select the ports you want the user to have access to (I've just been selecting all of them)

Once you have a login on the console server, you can log in to cluster machine serial ports if you know their node number. To log in, ssh into the console machine on the port that's 3000 + (node number). For example, to log into sheridan, which is node 12, just

$ ssh -p 3012 console

Then, it'll ask you for your password (this is the console server password). Then after you enter your password successfully, hit enter to get a login prompt. Then you can log in normally through the serial port.

To exit, type "~." (without quotes).

Here are the port numbers for each node:

sinclair 1 ivanova 2 franklin 3 marcus 4 delenn 5 lennier 6 londo 7 vir 8 gkar 9 morden 10 garibaldi 11 sheridan 12 lorien 13 kosh 14 bester 15 talia 16 lyta 17 byron 18 lochley 19 zack 20 theo 21 neroon 22 cartagia 23 refa 24 natoth 25 draal 26 zathras 27 ngrath 28

-- Mitch Skinner - 18 Mar 2011