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Misc notes on nanos TCE biology

nanos mRNA encodes Nanos protein whose concentration gradient provides for (?) differentiation between anterior and posterior in developing Dro embryos in an early stage (I guess also leads to abdominal segmentation?...)

mRNA has a Transcription Control Element (TCE) in 3' UTR

TCE is bound by Smaug protein, which represses translation (mechanism unknown?)

most recent relevant papers I can find:

Rfam entry

  • 3 seed alignments, 16 full, all from Dro

paper cited by Rfam

list of papers citing THAT paper

nanos TCE is a multi-trick pony:

Smaug stuff:

SAM domain stuff:

  • an NRM structure for SAM domain of Vst1 in yeast with the TCE RNA bound!
    • hmm, I wonder how similar these domains are... and I wonder whose TCE it's binding?


very recent review of Drosophila RNA-binding proteins

something about ncRNA evolution - I have no idea what this is about, worth looking at maybe?

old review on RNA localization - there's probably something much newer available by now


Of course, must align and analyze nanos TCE.

But also... examine other SAM/RNA binding sites? Look at SAM conservation at the RNA-binding motif? Look at RNA motif conservation?

Examine crystal structures, esp. tertiary contacts b/ween TCE RNA and SAM, and form hypotheses about expected conservation pattern, then see how the computational phylogeny holds up.


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