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Installing and Configuring the Legato Backup System on the Babylon Cluster (DEFUNCT)

This page will never get finished, as we are abandoning Legato for the Tivoli Service Module backup system. Go there instead!


Note that Legato NetWorker 7.1.1 "suite" or whatever comes can install 3 things: the client, the server, and the storage nodes. We're only installing the client here.

Log into the machine from which you want to do the backups and install the Legato NetWorker client and man files from the Legato CD (assuming it is mounted on /media/cdrom) using RPM, in this specific order:

$ su -

$ rpm -i /media/cdrom/linux_x86/lgtoman-7.1.1_rtm-1.i686.rpm (Legato man files)

$ rpm -i /media/cdrom/linux_x86/lgtoclnt-7.1.1_rtm-1.i686.rpm (Legato client)

$ rpm -i /media/cdrom/linux_x86/lgtolicm-7.1.1_rtm-1.i686.rpm (Legato license stuff? Does the client need these?)

$ rpm -i /media/cdrom/linux_x86/lgtodrvr-7.1.1_rtm-1.i686.rpm (Legato drivers? Does the client need these?)

Stuff by default gets installed into (as far as I know, there might be others):

/nsr/ - this one stores a lot of important stuff





/etc/init.d/networker (aka /etc/rc.d/init.d/networker) - your launcher for nsrexecd service

Starting and Configuration

Launch the Legato NetWorker daemon:

$ /etc/init.d/networker start

which will launch two instances of /usr/bin/nsrexecd, and you should verify that both are running by using:

$ ps aux | grep nsrexecd | grep -v grep

Specifying what to back up

By default, NetWorker will back up everything on the host machine to a specified server. To specify the server, you can use either the networker command to open a GUI over an X session and do it there, or via the command line. I'm not sure how well the former works, as I prefer the latter.

(TODO: figure out how to use the command line tool and write it up... see the man files for nsrexecd, for starters).

Other stuff

Our server to which we backup is ventura1.berkeley.edu. You must tell the kind people at the Storage and Backup Group to expect a backup from your IP, otherwise you will fail.

IN THEORY (this has yet to be verified, that's why this page is labeled IN PROGRESS), as long as the nsrexecd daemons are running on the machine you want and are told the server to backup to, everything will work automatically. You let the Storage and Backup Group know the time of day when you want to start the backup. The nsrexecd daemons maintain a connection to the backup server, but it is the backup server that tells them when the backup should start (although maybe you can configure the start time yourself without having to tell the Group people that...?).

General Info

TODO: explain incrementals/leveling/backup schedule/full backup/offsite stuff/restoration/etc.

Useful man files

  • nsrexec


-- Started by: Andrew Uzilov on 14 Feb 2006