How To Set Up APhaser7750 Printer

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Setting up the 7750 laser printer on Debian.

Install cups (Common Unix Printing System):

apt-get install cupsys
apt-get install cupsys-client
Installing cupsys-client will generate some configuration choices.
Configuring Cupsys-bsd: Do you want to set up the BSD lpd compatibility server?
Choose no (default)
Foomatic Printfilter Configuration
Choose parse (default)
Command for converting (text-) files to [[Post Script]]
Choose a2ps (default)
apt-get install a2ps
apt-get install cupsys-driver-gimpprint

Check that cups is working by entering /usr/sbin/lpinfo -v
from the command line: you should see entries like
network socket
network http
network ipp
network lpd
direct parallel:/dev/unknown-parallel0
serial serial:/dev/ttyS0?baud=115200
direct usb:/dev/usb/lp0

You should also be able to access the cups gui interface by
navigating to http://localhost:631.  You may want to
bookmark this url.

If all of the above is working, copy the xr7750dn.ppd file
from the Phaser 7750 Printer Installer and Utilities CD-ROM.
From the command line:
mount /dev/cdrom
cd '/cdrom/Windows 2K XP 03/English/'
copy file xr7750dn.ppd to the hard disk e.g. ~/
cd (so you can umount the CD)
umount /dev/cdrom

From the command line, enter
/usr/sbin/lpadmin -p some_printer_name -E -v socket://IP_addr -m ~/xr7750dn.ppd

some_printer_name is whatever identifier (letters, numbers,
underscore only - no space) you choose, e.g., Phaser7750
IP_addr is the static ip address of the printer (available
from the printer Configuration page), e.g.,

The printer you just entered should be visible at
http://localhost:631/printers, with Printer State:
idle, accepting jobs. "Ready to print."
You should be able to print a test page, from your Mozilla
browser, and your .pdf viewer.

-- Pete Klosterman - 05 Mar 2005

I was able to replicate this process. lp works, but lpr doesn't. I was not prompted for the abovementioned config information by apt-get install cupsys-client.

Still trying to figure out how to print duplex.

-- Ian Holmes - 30 Mar 2005

Note about installing on Mac OS X Tiger

The process is intuitive (System Prefs -> Print & Fax -> Plus button), but make sure you install a network printer as LPD instead of IPP!