How To Set Up ACVSRepository

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Instructions on setting up cvs - here, the computer holding the
cvs repository is called cvs_host, with IP addr e.g.,
and the cvs client computer is called cvs_client.

On both cvs_host and cvs_client set the CVS_RSH and CVSROOT environmental 
variables; e.g. for tcsh
setenv CVSROOT :ext:pete@
setenv CVS_RSH ssh

From host cvs_host enter

cvs -d /home/pete/MYCVS init

Here MYCVS is the name of the directory to contain my repository -
it will be created by this command.

If this command is successful, you should see a /home/pete/MYCVS
directory and a /home/pete/MYCVS/CVSROOT directory, with several

To deposit files into this repository from host cvs_client,
e.g., the files in directory ~/cvs_test, enter the
following command from ~/cvs_test (remember to set CVSROOT
and CVS_RSH):

cvs import cvs_test pete releasetag

Here cvs_test is the name that will be assigned to that project;
releasetag is an identifier (no white space) for the files being

To check out these files, go to a directory not already containing
the cvs_test directory, and enter:

cvs co cvs_test

-- Pete Klosterman - 08 Mar 2005