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For loading the Dmel 5.1 release GFF files using the Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store::GFF3Loader -

Don't load the "all" gff with 2 gigs of RAM; you'll swap like crazy.

Got this error:
MSG: BATZ_Contrast:CG_BATZ_CON_47008285_caf1 doesn't have a primary id
on 3R, and I just deleted the child features that referred to this non-existent parent.

Also, several aberration_junction features had semicolons in their ID and Name attributes, so I did this:
perl -pi.orig -e 's/((?:Name|ID)=[^(]+?\([^)]+);(.*?\))/$1%3B$2/g;' *.gff

-- Mitch Skinner - 12 Mar 2007