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Deprecated symlinks

(followup to discussion on Cluster NFS)

Symlinks to pull (from /nfs):

  • 12fly -> data/archive/12fly/
  • db -> data/db/
  • genome -> data/genome/

Symlinks to keep:

  • dart -> src/dart/
  • perl -> src/perl/
  • gfftools -> src/gfftools/

-- Andrew Uzilov - 14 Mar 2007

I wonder if there's a simple way to look for symlinks to these things... e.g. using "find".... someone MUST have done this before... [googles] OK how about this:

We could also do a recursive "grep" for these paths:

It'll take time, even on lorien... we could save time by only looking at Perl scripts, other executable scripts & Makefiles.

So how about we modify the proposal to:

  1. run the above "find symlinks" script and look for deprecated links
  2. run a "recursive grep" to look for deprecated paths
  3. notify everyone of the upcoming changes, with a list of deprecated symlinks & paths
  4. do the actual changes, e.g. one week after (3).

-- Ian Holmes - 14 Mar 2007