Dart And Telegraph

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Dart And Telegraph

This page is now somewhat out of date. There are actually multiple grammar formats already implemented in DART, including the Phylo Composer format and the Xrate Format - IH, 6/18/2007

The next iteration of dart will be based on Tele Graph. Telegraph is a formal language for specifying multi-tape stochastic context-free grammars (SCFGs). dart is currently based on a family of C++ class definitions for SCFGs; over time, these will be migrated to a Telegraph-based system.

dart can currently write its internal grammar structures as Tele Graph files. Such files can also be lexed/yacced for correctness, plus a few other tests. We are working on a Telegraph compiler, tighter interfacing to the dart API, and things like grammar transformations to integrate Telegraph with other folks' formal grammar specs for compbio.

Tele Graph is our plan to expose the internals of dart. In the meantime, if anyone feels like documenting the current C++ API in detail (or even just the higher-level functionality), please be very encouraged do so. We will certainly help if we can.

Other main families of classes in dart include evolutionary trees, dynamic programming matrices for trees and grammars, and miscellaneous logging/utility objects.