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Chado is a relational database schema covering a variety of biological domains.

Chado is modular -- it consists of seperate interlocking modules with well-specified dependencies. Current modules include:

  • cv (%ontologies%)
  • sequence (Bio Sequence and Sequence Feature data)
  • genetic (genetic and phenotypic data)
  • expression (expression of gene products such as RNA and protein in time and space)

Chado is a kind of Generic Schema. It uses a relatively small number of table representing basic biological concepts on an abstract level, and relies heavily on %ontologies% (aka cv/ControlledVocabularies) to allow modeling of specific subtypes of this data. The Sequence Ontology is particularly important for Chado.

The main Chado designers are David Emmert and Chris Mungall. A number of other people have contributed significantly to the design, including (in no particular order): Stan Letovsky Richard Bruskiewitz Pinglei Zho Shenquiang Shu Colin Wiel Suzanna Lewis Aubrey De Grey

-- Chris Mungall - 27 Feb 2005