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Oh boy! Random misc loose hodge-podge:


Linux commands that are really awesome (but that I will probably forget since I rarely use them)

Get lots of awesome hardware info about your box:

lspci -vvv
dmesg | grep -i <something>

Get useful stuff like the kernel version, instruction set architecture, etc.:

uname -a

The flags field in /proc/cpuinfo can tell you a lot... assuming you can figure out how to interpret them.

For example, the lm flag seems to mean 64-bit on both Intel and AMD chips:

Syntax for checking Dart stuff out of Sourceforge CVS


where path can be a directory such as dart or dart/perl, or a single file. If it doesn't already exist, the directory tree is created to house the checkout, rooted in the dir where you are running the cvs command.

Ex.: checking out just the file

cvs co dart/perl/

File format specs

Stupid stuff

Hmm... what is this nc command?


-- Created by: Andrew Uzilov on 25 May 2006