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  • Name: Pete Klosterman
  • Login Name: pete
  • Email: PSKlosterman at
  • Phone:
  • Department:
  • Location: Berkeley
  • Comment: went to work at Affymetrix, September 2005



  • Enhance Ian's xrate evolutionary substitution rate matrices program (part of the DART package) to support asymmetric rate matrices. Thanks to Gerton Lunter for an implementation of general (real) matrix exponentiation.
  • Gerton's matrix exponentiation code has been tested extensively. It is quite accurate, agreeing with an extensive Taylor expansion to less than 1.0e-14; we have identified cases in which Gerton's code appears to behave well and the Taylor expansion diverges. Gerton's code has also been exercised in the context of the DART Xrate Program. A small test facility, Matrix Exponentiation Test, compares matrix exponentiation, using eigenvalues and eigenvectors, invoking Gerton's code, with that using eigenvalues and eigenvectors calculated using Robert Davies' implementation of Jacobi's method.
  • This code is now used by xgram.



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