Matrix Exponentiation Test

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matrix exponentiation test

This test can be run by typing "make test" from the dart/src/irrev directory of the dart distribution (see Downloading Dart).

The tests are handled by this Perl script. See also the README file describing the test file format.

Output of a typical test follows. HSM1 and HSM2 are protein xrate files; Reversible_acgt_cycler_low_seed.xrate and Unidirectional_acgt_cycler.xrate are dna files, generated using the Xrate Tests facility.

[Invoke './exphsm -t 2.0 HSM1 >exphsm.tmp' ]
[Invoke './irrev_exphsm -t 2.0 HSM1 >irrev_exphsm.tmp' ]
test 1 maximum difference 4.08400000016101e-09
test 1 ok
[Invoke './exphsm -t 4.0 HSM2 >exphsm.tmp' ]
[Invoke './irrev_exphsm -t 4.0 HSM2 >irrev_exphsm.tmp' ]
test 2 maximum difference 1.89600000023021e-09
test 2 ok
[Invoke './exphsm -t 1.5 Reversible_acgt_cycler_low_seed.xrate >exphsm.tmp' ]
[Invoke './irrev_exphsm -t 1.5 Reversible_acgt_cycler_low_seed.xrate >irrev_exphsm.tmp' ]
test 3 maximum difference 1.06099999966358e-08
test 3 ok
[Invoke './exphsm -t 5.1 Unidirectional_acgt_cycler.xrate >exphsm.tmp' ]
[Invoke './irrev_exphsm -t 5.1 Unidirectional_acgt_cycler.xrate >irrev_exphsm.tmp' ]
test 4 maximum difference 3.50000001203554e-10
test 4 ok

-- Pete Klosterman - 17 Mar 2005