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Makefile lab meeting

12 noon, Wednesday 4/4, 2007, 425 Hearst Mining Building (see Lab Meetings)

The topic of this meeting was the use of automated build tools for bioinformatics pipelines. (See, for example, this intro on, or Parker et al.: Evolving from bioinformatics in-the-small to bioinformatics in-the-large. OMICS 2003;7:37-48..)


The conclusions of the meeting are summarized on the Make Comparison page.

Miscellaneous notes

George recommended Rose-DB as a Perl database interface.


Proposed assignments in parentheses.

A few practical issues to think about:

  • What's real (i.e. implemented)?
  • What's re-useable?
  • What fancy systems could be real, with a little work?
  • What could you do with those fancy systems that you couldn't do before?

-- Made Guys - 21 Mar 2007