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The Generic Genome Browser

GBrowse is... a Generic, well, Genome Browser. Runs on Bio Perl, My SQL (or Postgre SQL, Oracle DB)

See the GMOD page and Also see paper Stein et al.: The generic genome browser: a building block for a model organism system database. Genome Res. 2002;12:1599-610..

-- Jason Stajich - 03 Jun 2005

The AJAX version of GBrowse

The Holmes lab is currently extending GBrowse to use AJAX technology. See the prototype GBrowse page for more info.

See also the following comments on TWiki, Javascript and Ajax:

Part of our current server implementation is the Perl module JBrowse.TiledImage.

-- Ian Holmes - 08 Nov 2005

Discussion of this continues on the new GBrowse web.

-- Ian Holmes - 15 Apr 2006