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The TKF Structure Tree

The TKF Structure Tree (TKFST) is a continuous-time Markov chain model for evolution of RNA structure, with loops, stems, insertions and deletions, that is based on recursively nested instances of the TKF model.

That is, it is a recursively-nested birth-death process for the evolution of foldback secondary structure in nucleic acid sequences.

TKFST is described in the following open-access papers:


The TKFST model is implemented by the following programs:

  • Evol Sayer - a simulation of TKFST on a phylogeny, generating a multiple alignment of RNA sequences, with indels.
  • Evol Doer - pairwise alignment using TKFST. Can also export the TKFST pair SCFG in Stem Loc grammar format
  • Indie Gram - triplet alignment using TKFST

Several Phylo Grammar implementations (PFOLD, Evo Fold, XFOLD...) are close approximations or relations to the TKF structure tree, with less-rigorous indel modeling.

-- Ian Holmes - 08 Aug 2008