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SGE "To Do" List

NB: this is now summarized under the SGE subsection of Sys Admin Tasks, and this page will probably cease being maintained.

We are tapping only a fraction of SGE's features, but as I learn the system more, the pages (Sun Grid Engine, How To Use Sun Grid Engine, and How To Administer Sun Grid Engine) will grow. Some particular things to look at are:

  • qmake
  • adding spare machines in the lab as an SGE queue
  • scheduling and spooling optimizations
  • setting up user notification e-mails so that users are notified when their jobs encounter problems (would be very, very useful)
  • policy management (making sharing cluster resources more fair, not just on a "first come, first serve" basis as it is now)
  • installing a shadow master host
  • making the Macs in the lab submit and administartive hosts (so people don't have to log into sheridan all the time, they can just submit jobs from the Macs directly)

Of course any help in figuring stuff out is appreciated...