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Patrick Harrigan

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Contact Information:

  • Name: Patrick Harrigan
  • Email:

About Me:

I grew up in San Diego and several times attended its world famous zoo. Now, I am a third year bioengineering student at the University of California, Berkeley. My emphasis of study has been in computational biology, and my interests include:

  • protein structure and function prediction
  • homolog prediction
  • computational approaches to systems biology

In my spare time, I tend to my garden, work, and play chess. My future plans include working in at least one lab that has monkeys in it and, as of now, grad school.

Homework Assignments

  • Fall08.GenCrawl
  • Fall08.BinningProject
  • Fall08.PatricksFirstHomework
  • Fall08.RNAFoldingLab
  • Fall08.SequenceAlignmentLab
  • Fall08.FinalProjectMiniProposal