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Journal Club Planning

The aim is to understand the mathematical models underlying cis -regulation at all levels (transcription, RNA processing, translation, protein modification, etc). We are interested in idealized experimental models (e.g. Elowitz's Elowitz & Leibler: A synthetic oscillatory network of transcriptional regulators. Nature 2000;403:335-8.) as well as mathematical models of the natural world.

Insofar as a journal club should have "goals", and not just be a regular informal meeting of people with a shared interest in the literature, here are some of our goals (from the subjective pov of the Holmes lab)...

  1. chance for members with quanititative/physics/CS/engineering background, who are new to the gene circuit literature, to find our way around the work on mathematical modeling of gene regulatory circuits and stochastic biology;
  2. get an initial feel for theoretical aspects of synthetic biology (extending the remit of the club to include other theoretical/computational aspects of synthetic biology, e.g. in silico biomolecular design, is a possibility);
  3. hold the journal club at Potter Street so that those of us on campus (and JGI, etc) can start to meet regularly with e.g. members of Adam's group and learn about the cool research happening over at that locus.

Possible times

(Kept for reference)

Please edit this list to reflect the times you'd be available, or email Ian Holmes if you really can't figure out a wiki ;-)

Please list all available times! If you're free at a particular time but it looks like other people aren't, please list that time anyway, as there is a possibility that others might be able to reschedule. Also feel free to add yourself if you're not on this list.

Potential members:

  • Yuri Bendana
    • MWF 2pm or later
  • Ian Holmes
    • MWF 2pm or later
    • Thursday
  • Robert Bradley
    • M 1pm onwards
    • T, Th
    • Friday 2-3:30
  • Andrew Uzilov
    • all times OK except Friday 12-2pm (Holmes lab meeting)
  • Sharon Chao
    • recently said that later in the day is better, as she is commuting from across the Bay now
  • Darren Platt
    • Coming from Walnut Creek, so end of day (3pm/4pm) T/Fri best for me in that order.
  • Denise Wolf
    • Most times fine MTWR, except Weds 12-1 and 3-5.
    • Fridays I'm unavailable.
  • Ilka Bischofs
    • Most times fine, except Weds 12-1 and 3-5
  • Timothy Ham
  • William Holtz
  • Anat Caspi
  • Nick Fawzi