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I created this page to facilitate planning of group activities among people in a strange city that might not have a cell phone. I hope major events are advertised by e-mail, this is more for informal activities.

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Tuesday June 6:

Steve arrives in the morning, in a jet-lagged daze. Staying at Brody's Hostel for one night. Now that he's made it to midnight with only a few naps, he isn't tired anymore.

Wednesday June 7:

Steve starts "Haggis Tour" of Highlands and Skye Island.

Thursday June 8:

Friday June 9;

Steve back from Haggis Tour (had a great time) Dom - Meet up for a beer? Steve - Yes, maybe 7:30?

Sorry Steve, I can't make it tonight! busy at work and off to Italy tomorrow morn 6am :o( Dom

OK then. I'm meeting up with some people I met on the tour at Garibaldi's at 9. The whole place is mad with world cup. Gotta go. Staying at College Wynd tonight.--Steve

Weather report: It's been incredibly sunny! For the most part. I feel like I'm missing out the "authentic" Scotland. Tonight though, a deep chill and thick fog full of happy drunken people.--Steve

Saturday June 10

Dominic flys to Italy for a conference!

Steve stayed at Brodie's hostel again. Today went to Castle, then drank beers and watched football, with friends met on haggis tour.

Sunday June 11

Steve leaves for France at midday.

Monday June 12

I think Chris and Rachel get here today.

Hi Steve - yup, we'll getting in Monday afternoon. Have fun in france, see you wednesday. Later, C+R

R+C did venue visit for Saturday. C is very excited, R is very nervous!

Tuesday June 13

Rachel's Birthday!! no really, it is.

R+C did the seating plan for Saturday. If you don't like your table-mates, you can blame us...

Matt arrives in Edinburgh, staying at College Wynd.

Wednesday June 14

R+C have just about recovered from jet-lag. Off to Dundee today to visit Granny Mungall (too ancient to come on Saturday).

Steve is back in Edinburgh, hasn't met up with Matt yet: I'm thinking about Mary's Close tonight, or the Ghost tour, or the literary pub tour, to be followed by nightclub. I have "The List". Would I like the Citrus Club?

Thursday June 15

Nadia arrives from London around lunchtime. Tio arrives from London 2pm. Cindy and Ella arrive in the evening from SF via Loch Lomond (!). Staying at Apex Intl Hotel. Eileen, Alonzo, Ivor and Jocelyn arrive around 4pm driving from London. Yes I know. Insane. Consider the source. Staying at Relax Guest House.

R+C will plan a get-together for this evening.

We'll have curry at 8pm, probably at Suruchi (14a Nicolson Street, across from festival theatre). I've still to make a reservation. I'd point to their website but it's been hacked by some Turkish hacker, which means you can't see their interesting menu. You can find reviews online though. Call me (C) for details

Friday June 16

R+C have planned a day-trip for out-of-town visitors:-) This will include a Whisky Distillery and a walk on the beach (so bring walking shoes!). We're hiring a mini-bus to drive around all you rowdy american folk and we'll pack a picnic for everyone. Call us to let us know if you're coming for numbers etc. Current group includes: R+C, Matt, Steve, Cindy, Ella, Cathy, Paul, Alonzo, Suzie, Nadia. Meet at R's parents house at 10am, call for directions.

Dominic Flys back from Italy!

Kim arrives from London 2:30pm, staying at Radisson.

Saturday June 17

Frank & Sandra, Adam, Michelle arrive from London.

Big Celebration, everybody in Edinburgh.

Champagne reception starts at 7pm. Short ceremony/vows at around 7:20pm. Dinner starts at 8pm, dancing to follow dinner. We have a Ceilidh (Scottish Country Dancing) band and the infamous Blondie cover band. So bring either dancing shoes or earplugs, depending on your disposition.

Sunday June 18

Brunch is a good idea. Where?

Definitely - I'll make a booking somewhere, there's a nice pub in Leith that I have in mind... Will let you know. Rachel

Monday June 19

Steve leaves for the States.

Tuesday June 20

Rachel and Chris leave for the States.