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Dart Library information

DART is a set of Unix tools (Handel, Kimono, Stem Loc, XRate...) for phylogenetic alignment, RNA alignment and functional genomics.

The main DART page can be found by clicking on this link. The page you're currently looking at contains a shorter list of programs and links. It may also be less up-to-date than the main page. Consider yourself warned.

Click on Downloading Dart for info about how to download and install the package.

Tools in the Dart Library

Phylo-Alignment Tools

RNA Alignment Tools

Functional Genomics Tools

Reference C++ implementations of bioinformatics algorithms

Dart Algorithms


Online Documentation

See also Dart Release Notes, Downloading Dart, Building Dart and the README and INSTALL files in the source distribution itself.

Browse the CVS repository or the online documentation (which was automatically generated by doxygen).

The dart-announce mailing list offers still more info.

Older docs

The page at http://dart.sf.net/ also has some useful (if slightly dated) info, including a tutorial for doing RNA alignment with stemloc.



Mailing list

The mailing list info page is at Sourceforge.

-- Ian Holmes - 25 Feb 2005