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CentOS: The Community ENTerprise Operating System

CentOS is a Linux distribution derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Website: http://www.centos.org

See also Wikipedia:CentOS

Notes on this wiki:


TWiki-specific musings on wiki auto-expansion of differently-capitalized words like "CentOS":

Please note that there is no space in Cent OS, and there are a couple of ways to prevent TWiki from inserting a space in between the "Cent" and the "OS" (see Ian's comments below).

-- Andrew Uzilov - 13 Feb 2006

The spaces are inserted by TWiki.SpacedWikiWordPlugin. You can fool it by prefixing the topic with the web name "Main.", i.e. Cent OS, which will come out like this: Cent OS

Perhaps a better solution would be to add an optional "spaced topic name" property to the TWiki.TWikiMetaData that would override TWiki.SpacedWikiWordPlugin's default behaviour. Maybe some day. I've added this issue to the Known Bugs page.

Incidentally you can also enclose sentences in double square brackets and they'll be auto-wikified. For example: how to set up a Debian box.

-- Ian Holmes - 13 Feb 2006