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Booze for bugs

As an incentive to report bugs in DART, I offer an irregular "booze prize" for the nastiest, gnarliest, seamiest bugs that you're able to dig out from dart's dark underbelly.

This tradition was inspired by Ewan Birney, who used to promise champagne for reporting segfaults with Gene Wise. (Of course, Ewan doles out champagne on the drop of a hat, as is well known)

There are very few segfaults in DART but plenty of opportunities to find other errors.

The prize is wine from Victoria, Australia. Typically the Yarra or Henty regions.


Any bug can qualify; the most unpleasant bug wins.

All programs in dart are eligible (xrate, phylocomposer, stemloc etc.)

Entrants should take note of the DART bug reporting guidelines.

Past winners