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AMI changelog

Amazon machine images published by the Holmes lab.

32-bit images

  • ami-8ff312e6 (handalign image; 5/01/09 image with latest git pull; 7/10/09)

64-bit images

  • ami-346c8b5d (based on CentOS5 ami-31c72258 from Right Scale; mostly the same content as 32-bit image from 4/3/09, i.e. dart, jbrowse, hmmoc, etc., but no Bioperl or yet; 4/3/09)

Obsolete images

These struck-out AMIs indicate obsolete images which have been deleted or overwritten. They are preserved here as a changelog.


  • ami-f3ac4a9a (handalign image; 4/15/09 image with; 5/01/09)
  • ami-4340a72a (handalign image; 4/3/09 image with latest dart pull, compiled handalign/hmmoc binaries in /usr/local/handalign_tmp; 4/15/09)
  • ami-7c6c8b15 (based on 4/2/09 image; installed emacs, increased java heapsize for hmmoc, pulled latest dart/jbrowse & rebuilt, added /etc/profile.d/ script to set env vars, cleaned up; 4/3/09)
  • ami-6360870a (based on 3/16/09 image; pulled dart & latest jbrowse from github; hmmoc 1.3; gconstructor, gsimulator, gfftools, perl from; TWiki 4.3.0; 4/2/2009)
  • ami-c23ed9ab (based on Fedora 8 AMI; installed Bioperl, from CPAN; Apache; pulled JBrowse from github; 3/16/2009)
  • ami-3634d35f (based on Fedora 8 AMI; checked out dart from Sourceforge via CVS; hmmoc 1.3; 3/13/2009)


  • (none yet)


For future revisions of the AMIs:

  • add /usr/local/dart/perl to PATH in /etc/profile.d/
  • create csh/tcsh version of sh/bash script /etc/profile.d/
  • install Bioperl & on the 64-bit AMI
  • add boot script to 'git pull' the latest versions of dart & jbrowse
  • install FSA/AMAP and other Cluster Software


For more info, including instructions on how to launch an Amazon EC2 instance from one of these images, see

  • Dart Ami (dart)
  • JBrowse.AmazonMachineImage (JBrowse)
  • Amazon EC2 (links to documentation, tutorials)

-- Ian Holmes - 02 Apr 2009