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BioE131 policies

  • Grading scheme
    • 40% homework assignments
    • 30% midterm exams
    • 30% final project

  • Extensions/Alternate Exam Dates
    • Requests for extensions on homework due dates must be submitted to IanHolmes via email at least 2 days before homework due date, clearly stating reason(s) for request.
    • Please plan to attend the scheduled exam/presentation times. Requests for alternate exam/presentation dates must be submitted to IanHolmes via email as soon as possible, clearly stating reason(s) for request. An alternate date request is only likely to be granted under extreme circumstances (family emergencies, major illness, etc.)
    • Conflicting commitments on other courses will not usually be considered adequate reason to moving exams or homework deadlines unless the conflict is experienced by a majority of the class.
    • Every year several requests failing to meet the above criteria are declined -- please do not invite mutual disillusion by asking for an exception.

  • Teamwork
    • We want to encourage you to work together, so for regular homework assignments, you may submit jointly with up to one other student as long as you identify who it was you worked with. However, we also want to encourage mixing, so you can contribute no more than three homework assignments with any one partner. After that you will have to rotate with someone else.

-- IanHolmes - 26 Aug 2008

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