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Welcome to the Fall10 class wiki

To get started you probably want to go to the StudentRegistration page.

You might also want to look at the list of people who have already registered.

Otherwise, you probably came here looking for the BioE131 or BioE241 class pages.

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Access control

This wiki does not require registration to edit pages or create new pages: click on the "Edit" link (top right of page) to edit any page. However, unregistered users are prohibited from adding URLs to external sites (unfortunately a necessary antispam technique).

If you want to add external URLs, please first register, and then contact IanHolmes requesting URL-adding privileges. However, note that you can do quite a lot without entering URLs, using the syntax of this wiki. For example, you can add links to flybase gene pages (if you know the flybase gene number or FBgn), Pubmed articles (if you know the Pubmed ID), or other pages on this wiki. See InterWikis for more info on these inter-wiki links.

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