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Final Project: Madhvi Venkatesh - Hepatitis C Virus

Team Information

  • Team Name: The Infectious Agents
  • Other Team Members: Jenn Brophy, Susan Chen, Sushant Sundaresh

Informational Pages about the Virus that I made/edited

Jbrowse Script Submission

Individual Contributions

  • Took on leadership roles in trying to encourage collaboration with the creation of the Collective Resources and Tutorials that I created and organized as well as the mailing that I created. These contributions helped the class communicate about common resources/tutorials, have a designated go-to page for these resources, and share updates on resources.
    • On a related note, I sent out a some emails to try to get people to link things to Jenn's phylogenetic tree and post things on the common resources page, and let people know about sticking points in JBrowse codes that Sushant and Alan had found.
  • Did extensive research on hepatitis and wrote up the biowiki page about it. I also compiled more information about all of the Hepatitis C protein components.
  • Found information to perform and analyze the sequence alignments on my Jbrowse.
  • Added information about the genome and proteins that I found to Wikipedia:Hepatitis_C_virus.

-- MadhviVenkatesh - 11 Dec 2009

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