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Human Metapneumovirus


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Order Mononegavirales [wikipedia][NCBI taxonomy][ICTVdb]
Family Paramyxoviridae [wikipedia][NCBI taxonomy][ICTVdb]
Subfamily Pneumovirinae [NCBI taxonomy][ICTVdb]
Genus Metapneumovirus [wikipedia][NCBI taxonomy][ICTVdb]
Species Human Metapneumovirus [wikipedia][NCBI Taxonomy]

Genomic Data


The genomic organisation of hMPV is analogous to RSV, however hMPV lacks the non-structural genes, NS1 and NS2, and the hMPV antisense RNA genome contains eight open reading frames in slightly different gene order than RSV (viz. 3-N-P-M-F-M2-SH-G-L-5). hMPV is genetically similar to the avian pneumoviruses A, B and in particular type C. Phylogenetic analysis of hMPV has demonstrated the existence of two main genetic lineages termed subtype A and B containing within them the subgroups A1/A2 and B1/B2 respectively.


Genes Encoded

Gene Name Location Length Product(s)
N 55-1239 1184 Nucleoprotein
P 1263-2147 884 Phosphoprotein
M 2180-2944 764 Matrix Protein
F 3067-4686 1619 Fusion Glycoprotein Precursor
M2 4724-5287 563 Matrix Protein M2-1
M2 5235-5450 215 Matrix Protein M2-2
SH 5481-6020 539 Small Hydrophobic Protein
G 6232-6891 659 Attachment Glycoprotein G
L 7133-13150 6017 RNA Dependent RNA Polymerase

JBrowse: hMPV Genome


Paramyxoviruses encode negative-sense, single-stranded, monopartite RNA. They are enveloped and contain a helical nucleocapsid. They appear pleomorphic or spherical in electron micrographs.


Human metapneumovirus accounts for approximately 10% of respiratory tract infections that are not related to previously known etiologic agents. The virus seems to be distributed worldwide and to have a seasonal distribution with its incidence comparable to that for the influenza viruses during winter. Serologic studies have shown that by the age of five, virtually all children have been exposed to the virus and reinfections appear to be common. Human metapneumovirus may cause mild respiratory tract infection. However, small children, elderly and immunocompromised individuals are at risk of severe disease and hospitalization.

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Genomic Data



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