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Biowiki . Fall08 . WeiChunHsu

Biowiki . Fall08 . WeiChunHsu

Biography (just because you asked for one)

Hailing from the ranchero-inspired, authentic state of Texas with a petroleum industry bursting at its seams, Jim embarks on a mission -- a quest, if you will -- for postsecondary education, not at a local college, but a thousand miles away in the fair state of California, where beautiful weather and overpriced houses are the norm, rather than the exception. A novitiate, a fledgling simpleton when it comes to Californian customs and traditions, he at times feels like a stuck pixel emblazoned on an oversize marquee in downtown San Francisco -- perhaps fitting in certain times during the day, and awkwardly sticking out at less convenient times. (At least he lacks the conservative stench that seems to be universally repulsive in this liberal university, preferring to adopt a more moderate or "wait-and-see" approach to political affairs). Perhaps even his choice of major reinforces this sense of misconformity; the whiff of ammonia that invariably lingers in the stale air in Evans Hall after an extended synthesis in organic chemistry certainly suggests to the olfactory organs at least that this kid is from chemical biology, and not one of us -- us being, of course, bioengineering and computer science. Despite that, he has endured two years of futile syntheses, exploding reagents, and mislabeled 1H peaks from the defective NMR machine -- tasks where a rudimentary knowledge of organic chemistry and a dash of common sense certainly come to the rescue. As suggested from the technology-inspired simile above, he also demonstrates a surprising interest in computing -- and, of course, writing confusing biographies that you just read through.


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Canon 40D, 50mm, f/1.8

As a photographer, I hardly have any decent pictures of myself frown

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