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%DASHBOARD{ section="dashboard_start" }% %DASHBOARD{ section="banner" image="" title="TWiki® Documentation Web " titlestyle="color:#800000; width: 994px; margin-top: 5px;" button1=" Reference Manual|TWiki.TWikiReferenceManual" button2=" TWiki Variables|TWiki.TWikiVariables" button3=" Installed Plugins|TWiki.InstalledPlugins" }% %DASHBOARD{ section="box_start" title="Welcome to TWiki" }% The place to learn about TWiki features and perform TWiki system maintenance.

TWiki® is a flexible, powerful, secure, yet simple Enterprise Wiki and Web Application Platform. Use TWiki for team collaboration, project management, document management, as a knowledge base and more on an intranet or on the Internet.

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Tip TWiki Tip of the Day
Escaping TWiki rendering
Use the verbatim tag to surround code excerpts and other formatted text with verbatim and /verbatim... Read on Detail
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  • TWiki® is a registered trademarks of TWiki founder Peter Thoeny, The TWiki logo and the "Collaborate with TWiki" tagline are trademarks of Peter Thoeny.
  • Twiki (with a lower case "w") is a robot character from the Buck Rogers™ in the 25th Century TV series. TWiki (with an upper case "W") is not affiliated with the Dille Family Trust, the registered trademark owner of the Buck Rogers name.
  • TWiki is developed as Free Software under the GNU/GPL.
  • Get the latest TWiki release from
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