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List of all Webs

For the KoalaSkin

Note If you change this page, dont forget to run INSTALL/bin/koalaskin-generate afterwards for your settings to take effect

Alternatively, you may click on this link: Regenerate templates to commit your changes.


Format: space-separated items
  1. 3 spaces * webgroupname hue [options][comments]
    hue can be 2 hex digits, or the 6 hex digits for the RGB value
    options can be:
    • EMPTY the group is not to be used per se, only its sub-webs
  2. 6 spaces * webname [options][comments]
    comments can be continued on the following lines. If no webname, starts a new row of tabs (useful for webs too numerous to fit on a line)
    options can be:
    • HIDDEN the group will not be listed in the navigation bar to save space, but will be still accessible and listed in the sitemap.
  3. other colors are set in the TWiki syntax:
    6 spaces * Set VARIABLE = value
    Possible variables being:
    • KSCOLORBG the color of the page background
    • KSCOLORUNSEL color of tabs of unselected web groups
    • KSCOLORSEL color of the text of the selected tab
    • KSICON upper-left wiki icon IMG tag, with dims
    • KSTITLE optional html to put after the KSICON
    • KSHELP url of the help page (for the help icon)
    • KSNOICONS set to true to disable icons for buttons on the upper right: Home/Edit/Attach/Sitemap/Help
    • KSLMARGIN left margin (default 150)
    • KSTABWIDTH minimum width of web tabs (default 80)
    • KSNOEXPAND if not equal to "false", do not expand template includes to save space but consume CPU.
    • KSFILEPERMS if set to ALL will change permissions of generated templates so that other people can re-generate the templates.
    • KSFORM_POS is the default position value of TWikiForms. Must be one of: FORM_LM, FORM_TL, FORM_TO, FORM_TR, FORM_BL, FORM_BR.
    • KSCSS is the URL of an additionnal site-level CSS stylesheet
    • KSNOMARGIN if non empty, put search menu at top not in margin

Settings of Variables

    • Set KSICON = click on the TWiki logo to go to homepage

Webs hierarchy

Here is a braindead suggestion for your existing site structure. Edit to suit your needs. Move webs as subwebs by indenting the item more and removing the 2-digit hex number (hue of the color).

  • Research 58 Research webs
    • Main The main biowiki web
    • Set KSLEFTTOPICS = Research

Holmes Lab
Berkeley BOP
Lab Meeting
Site tools
RSS feeds
    • JBrowse Developing the next generation genome browser
    • TWiki Configuration
  • Teaching 80 Teaching webs
    • Fall12 Fall 2012 teaching
    • Sandbox The biowiki sandbox
  • Blog FF Blog entries
  • Fall07 80 HIDDEN Fall 2007 teaching
  • Fall08 80 HIDDEN Fall 2008 teaching
  • Fall09 80 HIDDEN Fall 2009 teaching
  • Fall10 80 HIDDEN Fall 2010 teaching
  • Fall11 80 HIDDEN Fall 2011 teaching
  • Fly 58 HIDDEN Drosophila comparative genome annotation
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